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Welcome to The Body Workshop!

Where Body Meets Mind....

At The Body Workshop, we provide services to meet your health needs. From cutting edge Physiotherapy to time-tested Traditional Acupuncture. From breakthrough Rehabilitation Programs to Holistic Lifestyle Support.

We treat both Body and Mind to make sure you achieve comprehensive and lasting results. Our approach is team focused with multiple inputs for each patient.

We integrate the latest scientifically validated techniques with those that have developed from a vast experience base.

At The Body Workshop, we are all about Integration and Synergy. Where Natural Therapies combine with Conventional Treatment, where Tradition meets the Future and where you can experience a pathway to health that caters for both your mind and your body. Function & Structure in Balance.


Like you’ve never seen before....

The Body Workshop is on a mission to lead NZ into a new paradigm of Physiotherapy, where gone are the ‘fast food’ type wham bam thank you mam 15 minute treatments! Welcome to the future.

We offer many solutions to your health needs. From Musculo-skeletal Rehabilitation to Nutrition advice; From Fertility treatment to Martial Art training. From Natural Medicine consults to Relaxation techniques.

The Body Workshop is:

the place your body needs to be.


This is Traditional Acupuncture with the backing of the Oriental Medical system thousands of years old! All our Acupuncturists have studied for more than 4 years and were among the first in NZ to receive the Acupuncture Degree.

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Our team is made up only of exceptional practitioners. Not just in their qualifications and ability to deliver results, but in their sense of care for you & their passion for health.

Come & experience the difference.

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